GRIRG, (Groupe de Recherche et Innovations en Restauration Génitale), A Research and Innovation Group for Genital Rejuvenation, was founded in 2014 based on the acknowledgement that throughout the world, numerous surgical and non surgical techniques are emerging that deal withreconstruction,restoration or rejuvenation within the genito-urinary field.

Our expertise

The numerous interested Practitioners are from very different specialities namely Gynaecologists,Plastic Surgeons, Reconstructive Surgeons,Urologists,Dermatologists,Cosmetic Doctors,Sexologists…

This extensive know how was private, compartmentalised, published or rather camouflaged within their own specific anatomical and functional contexts.Our key aim has been to pull together the knowledge and diversities from these open-ended avenues and build from their impetus in order to create a highly knowledgeable organisation, which is unique and recognised by its diversity, innovative edge, reflective ability and professional openness. The exceptional quality of our Steering Committee, our scientific committees and our subscribed members, re-affirm by their diversity, their enthusiasm, and their specialist expertise, howthis group is paramount and required for future developments to meet the needs of our patients.