Intimate feminine surgery is currently booming and cannot be compared to masculine intimate surgery. In fact, this type of surgery has a very important healing component. At the present time, following consultation, your surgeon can recommend specific operations for different areas and pathologies.

One of the most frequent operations is the labiaplasty:

meaning an improvment of the labia minora of the female genitalia.This Labiaplasty can be performed in conjunction with a reduction of the clitoris, this is called a composite-labiaplasty or a combined labiaplasty.The augmentation of the Labia Majora can be achieved independently by injection of hyaluronic acid or by moving fat, which will then be a lipofilling of the labia majora. Within the framework of intimate restoration, a vaginoplasty can be performed, an intervention which will restore a normal size and tightness to a distended or dilated vagina following childbirth or a loose vagina purely caused by ageing process.

Other interventions can be performed, such as hymenoplasty, which consists of the restoration of virginity or the repair of cutting, which allows for the repair of this area following mutilation.

It is also possible to perform reconstructive surgery following an accident or the excision of a tumour in this area.

Complex operations are normally performed by plastic surgeons and enable the re-instatement of a near normal aesthetic and functionality.

Your surgeon, if he is a member of GRIRG or if he has received the GRIRG training, will be in the best place to advise you on the modern techniques of intimate surgery, and even plan your surgery calmly and discreetly.


Vaginoplasty is an intimate surgicalprocedure enabling the restorationof a normal anatomy orthe functional improvement of the vagina.

Vaginoplastyis generally performed on the posterior section of the vagina, most of the time,this means a careful dissection of part of the wall. In fact, the close proximity of the rectum makes this a very delicate intervention.Post suturing, this wall allows for a reduction of the internal diameter of the orifice of the vagina and also gives an improved tone.This surgery is often performed on patients after having had childbirths or who have loss of sensitivity during sexual intercourse.

Vaginoplasties can be performed on the anterior wall. In this case very often it involves mainly a repair of the wall affected by slackening,normally referredto by the general public as pelvic floor organ prolapse. This surgery provides support to the pelvic floor. It also allows the correction of associated urinary leaks. Your Urologist or Gynaecologist performs this meticulous surgery under general anaesthetic. Vaginoplasty is normally covered by medical insurance taking account of the discomfort and the symptoms of this pathology.